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Acad Prof Grigor VelevAcad. Prof. Grigor Velev, MD, PhD, DSc
President of BASA

Grigor Velev is Professor of pathology, Past Rector of Trakia University - Stara Zagora and Former Head of its Department of Pathology. He is founder, first President and Honorary Chairman of the Association of Bulgarians in the World. His scientific research includes a number of medical publications, monographs, textbooks and manuals of pathology. He is active researcher of the public activity related to the historical and up-to-date problems of Bulgarian politics and its relations with other Balkan countries. He is also an author of many books devoted to the Bulgarian history, theory of nationalism and others.

Acad Prof Venko AleksandrovAcad. Prof. Venko Aleksandrov, MD, PhD, DSc
President of the General Assembly of BASA

Venko Alexandrov is Professor of anesthesiology and resuscitation and Chairman of the Philharmonic Society at the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. He is author of more than 250 scientific papers, 12 monographs, many textbooks and manuals. He is acknowledged with the Honorary Diploma of the French Academy and with Gold Medal for International Expert in the field of Science and Culture (2009). He is prominent politician and member of the 39th National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria.

Acad Prof Petko TodorovAcad. Prof. Petko Todorov, PhD, DSc
Vice-President of BASA

Petrko Todorov is a journalist, doctor of Economics and bachelor in Engineering. He is the Head of the Department "Media and Public Communications" at the University of National and World Economy and President of the "Civil Society" Department of BASA. His scientific activities include three monographs and number of scientific publications, papers and textbooks. For three years he worked in the Council for Mass Media of the Council of Europe.

Acad Rumen LeonidovAcad. Rumen Leonidov
Vice-President of BASA

Rumen Leonidov is a poet, publicist, writer and translator. He is co-founder of the literature magazine "Fakel" and "Bulgarian monthly issue" (edition of BASA) and author of nine books of poetry. His poems have been translated in many languages and included in various anthologies of Bulgarian poetry worldwide. He is a member of the Association of Bulgarian Writers and winner of many national and international poetry awards.

Acad Prof Miladin ApostolovAcad. Prof. Miladin Apostolov, MD, PhD, DSc
Vice-President of BASA

Miladin Apostolov is Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of Social Medicine and History of Medicine and President of the Balkan Association of History and Philosophy of Medicine. He is author of more than 400 scientific publications in Bulgaria and abroad. His main research fields are in teaching activities in medicine, socially significant diseases, medical ethics and deontology.

Acad Prof Margarita KamenovaAcad. Prof. Margarita Kamenova, MD, PhD
General Secretary of BASA

Margarita Kamenova is Professor of General and Clinical Pathology, Head of the Department of Pathology at the University Hospital of Emergency Medicine "Pirogov", member of the Editorial Board of the scientific journal "Bulgarian Medicine". She is author and co-author of more than 200 scientific publications, monographs, textbooks and manuals. Her research fields are primarily in onco- and neuropathology. She is also Past Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Pathologists and plays a significant role in many social activities.

Acad Prof Ekaterina TitianovaAcad. Prof. Ekaterina Titianova, MD, PhD, DSc
Secretary of International Relations of BASA

Ekaterina Titianova is Professor and Head of the Clinic of Functional Diagnostics of Nervous System at the Military Medical Academy – Sofia and Faculty of Medicine of Sofia University "St. Kl. Ohridski", President of Bulgarian Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics (BSNCH), Member of the Executive Committee of the WFN Neurosonology Research Group, Editor-in-Chief of the Bulgarian Journal "Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics", Member of the International Advisory Boards of Journals "Archivos de Neurociencias" (Mexico) and "Neurosonology" (Japan). Her research fields are: cerebrovascular diseases, neurosonology, hemorheology, autonomic failure, gait motor control and neurorehabilitation.


In 1869 the Bulgarian Literary Society was established with participation of prominent Bulgarian national revolutionaries and writers - prof. Marin Drinov, Lyuben Karavelov, Dimitar Tsenovich, Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, Stefan Stambolov and others.

In 1911 Bulgarian Literary Society (BLS) was renamed to Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) with Acad. Ivan Geshov as a Chairperson who managed it until 1926. From 1926 to 1937 Acad. Prof. Lyubomir Miletich chaired the Academy. In 1937 Acad. Prof. Bogdan Filov was elected as a Chairperson.
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Statute of BASA

Adopted at the Constituent Assembly of BASA on 13.09.2004, as amended and supplemented at the General Meeting of BASA in 2011, 2013 and 2016.
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Governing bodies of BASA
  • General Assembly (GA);
  • President of BASA
  • Executive Committee: The President of BASA, the President of GA, the Vice Presidents of Departments of Science, Arts, Civil Society, the Secretary General, the Secretary of "International Relations";
  • Academic Board consisting of 25 people elected by the General Assembly;
  • Supervisory Board consisting of 5 people, elected by the GA;
  • Nomination Committee.
  • Membership – 400 persons including 36 foreign prominent scientists in fields of sciences and arts. Among them are: Acad. Prof. Samuel Refetov (USA), Acad. Prof. Antoni de Luka (USA), Acad. Prof. Knud Larsen (USA), Acad. Prof. Eberhard Wiland (Germany), Acad. Prof. Yohan Schneider (Germany), Acad. Prof. Lionel Rousting (France), Acad. Prof. Dragan Damianovich (Serbia), Acad. Prof. Mariana Markovich (Serbia), Acad. Prof. Lourenz Arnich (Slovenia), Acad. Vsevolod Kuznezov (Russian), Acad. Prof. Elena Volkova (Russian)

President of the Academy – acad. prof. dr GrigorVelev

Chairperson of the General Assembly – acad. prof. dr Dobrin Svinarov

Vice President, Chairman of Science Department – acad. prof. dr. Drozdstoj Stoyanov

Vice President, Chairman of Arts Department – acad. Rumen Leonidov

Vice President, Chairman of Civil society – acad. dr honoris causa Hristo Grigorov

Chief Secretary – acad. doc. dr Margarita Kamenova

Scientific activity

Scientific activity of BASA for 2014
BASA held 2 world congresses, 12 national congresses with international participation, and 2 regional medical conferences in partnership with other organizations. BASA had 136 participations of its members in national and international scientific forums as eleven academicians were guest lectors of international scientific forums. 106 publications were implemented, 29 of which were published in prestigious foreign journals.
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Publishing activity

Scientific journals:
  • "Bulgarian Medicine", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Prof. Dr. Philip Kumanov;
  • "Bulgarian Monthly Issue for Literature and Arts", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Rumen Leonidov;
  • "Annals", Editor-in-Chief: Acad.Prof.Dr. Miladin Apostolov;
  • "Bulgarian Economic Review", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Prof. Dr. Georgi Marinov;
  • Online newspaper "Celokupna Bulgaria", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. M.Kamenova;
  • Online newspaper "Voice of the Bulgarians in Macedonia", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Sultana Markovska
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Forums of BASA

  • Bulgarian Scientific Medical Forum;
  • Bulgarian Civil Forum;
  • Bulgarian Musical Forum;
  • Bulgarian Scientific Historical Forum;
  • Academic Chamber Theatre;
  • Academic Theatre "Balgarsko Slovo" /Bulgarian Speech/.