Governing bodies of BASA
  • General Assembly (GA);
  • President of BASA
  • Executive Committee: The President of BASA, the President of GA, the Vice Presidents of Departments of Science, Arts, Civil Society, the Secretary General, the Secretary of "International Relations";
  • Academic Board consisting of 25 people elected by the General Assembly;
  • Supervisory Board consisting of 5 people, elected by the GA;
  • Nomination Committee.
  • Membership – 400 persons including 36 foreign prominent scientists in fields of sciences and arts. Among them are: Acad. Prof. Samuel Refetov (USA), Acad. Prof. Antoni de Luka (USA), Acad. Prof. Knud Larsen (USA), Acad. Prof. Eberhard Wiland (Germany), Acad. Prof. Yohan Schneider (Germany), Acad. Prof. Lionel Rousting (France), Acad. Prof. Dragan Damianovich (Serbia), Acad. Prof. Mariana Markovich (Serbia), Acad. Prof. Lourenz Arnich (Slovenia), Acad. Vsevolod Kuznezov (Russian), Acad. Prof. Elena Volkova (Russian)

President of the Academy – acad. prof. dr GrigorVelev

Chairperson of the General Assembly – acad. prof. dr Dobrin Svinarov

Vice President, Chairman of Science Department – acad. prof. dr. Drozdstoj Stoyanov

Vice President, Chairman of Arts Department – acad. Rumen Leonidov

Vice President, Chairman of Civil society – acad. dr honoris causa Hristo Grigorov

Chief Secretary – acad. doc. dr Margarita Kamenova