Publishing activity

Scientific journals:
  • "Bulgarian Medicine", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Prof. Dr. Philip Kumanov;
  • "Bulgarian Monthly Issue for Literature and Arts", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Rumen Leonidov;
  • "Annals", Editor-in-Chief: Acad.Prof.Dr. Miladin Apostolov;
  • "Bulgarian Economic Review", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Prof. Dr. Georgi Marinov;
  • Online newspaper "Celokupna Bulgaria", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. M.Kamenova;
  • Online newspaper "Voice of the Bulgarians in Macedonia", Editor-in-Chief: Acad. Sultana Markovska
Monographs, Books and Manuals – more than 50 among which:
  • "Dictatorship, Terror, Genocide and Chauvinism" by Acad. Prof. Dr. Gr. Velev (in Bulgarian);
  • "International Law of Protection of the Cultural and Historic Heritage" by Acad. Dr. E. Aleksandrov (in Bulgarian);
  • "Bulgarian National History", vol. 1 of the fifteen-volume series edited by corresponding member Acad.Prof. Plamen Pavlov (in Bulgarian);
  • "The Devil Invited Me ...", vol. 1 of the three-volume anthology of the Bulgarian poetry edited by corresponding member Yordan Kamenov (in Bulgarian);
  • "The Bulgarian National Cause (1762-2012)" by Acad. Prof. Dr. Grigor Velev (in Bulgarian and English);
  • "History of the Bulgarians from Macedonia" vol. 1 by Acad. Prof.Dr. Grigor Velev;
  • "The century of the King Samuil" by Acad. Prof. Plamen Pavlov;
  • General Pathology, vol I. Clinical Pathology. Vol.II. Eds. Acad.Gr.Velev and Acad.M.Kamenova (four editions);
  • Pharmacology and Pharmacogenetics. Acad.Prof.Dr.N.Boiadgieva;
  • Neurological diseases. General Neurology, vol. I – Acad.Prof.Dr.E.Tityianova