Report on the activities



The report of BASA for 2016 focuses on activities directly related to the program and with the participation of the institution. The individual scientific and cultural events of the individual academic members in their professional profile are not represented, not because we do not take into account the enormous contribution of this activity, but because of incomplete information from the predominant number of academic members. We would like to thank these BASA members who have sent detailed information about their individual activities: Acad. Ekaterina Tityanova, Acad. Iskra Hristozova, Acad. Zhanet Grueva-Popova, Corresponding Member Lidia Katrova, Acad. Boyko Rangelov, Acad. Nikolay Tuleshkov, Acad. Petar Ivanov, Acad. Ivanka Deneva, Acad. Marin Kadiev, Corresponding member Anna-Maria Gyuzeleva, Acad. Emil Yanev, Acad. Valentin Stamov, Acad. Stoyan Raichevski.

In the Academy in 2016 the following activities were carried out:

1. Department "Science""
1.1. Organization of scientific conferences, symposia, round tables and forums
1.2. Educational activity
1.3. Work on European and national projects
1.4. Scientific publications, monographs, congress activity, doctoral programs, reviews and other events of individual activity.
2. Department „Arts"
2.1. Organization and participation in literary events - poetry evenings, chamber theater, etc.
2.2. Organization and participation in concerts/choral, instrumental, classical, folk music/, ballet performances, circus art.
2.3. Exhibitions of artists and sculptures and other special events
3. Department „Civil society and Statehood "
3.1. Organization of forums and round tables on important issues of the society and the state
3.2. Organization of activities and participation in the departments' structures - Association of Bulgarians in the World and World Parliament of Bulgarians.
4. Publishing activity, total for BASA - books, monographs, periodicals, online newspapers
5. Publicism and scientific and educational programs in the media, total for BASA
6. International events, total for BASA

Vice-Chairman of BASA and head of science department until November 2016 was Acad. Prof. Dr. Miladin Apostolov. The department has 10 centers.


CC "Medicine" is the largest center, which functions since the restoration of BASA in (2004). The center has 4 institutes and 34 sections. The number of members is 114, of which 52 academics, 42 honorary members and 20 observer members.
The overall assessment of the CC "Medicine" shows that it meets the criteria for all types of activities of the academy, with high activity and commitment of its members towards the goals of BASA. There are regular conferences, symposia within the Bulgarian Medical Forum; participates in European and national projects, high individual scientific activity, regular transmission of health topics on „Cardiogram" of TV Eurocom. During the year, the publication of the Bulgarian Medicine Magazine was slowed down, which has been going on regularly for many years, but things have been restored already. The center is about to be restructured in line with the function and capacity of some sections and institutes where there is inconsistency between the tasks they face and the impossibility to be effected. Regarding the educational activities can be done more and specifically for these types of education that are included in the program of the Scientific Academic Training Center /SATC/. For the year 2016 was held one course of the cycle "Biopsy Diagnostics of Tumors" for pathologists and postgraduates and one course on an European program, organized by Acad. Dr. Stoyanov with a contract with SATC.

There are 17 sections of the Institute of Internal Medicine, 12 of which consist of active members, whose activity forms a large part of the activity of the whole academy. These are the sections of endocrinology with head Acad. Boyan Lozanov, geriatrics and gerontology, Corresp. member Associated Prof. Dr. Ignat Petrov, Gastroenterology - Acad. Prof. Iskren Kotzev, Neurology - Acad. Prof. Dr. Ekaterina Tityanova, Psychiatry and Social Psychology with Head Prof. Dr. Dr. Stoyanov, Section of Pediatrics - Acad. Prof. Dr. Vl. Philosof, Toxicology with head Acad. Prof. Dr. Hr. Dysovski, Ophthalmology with Head Acad. Prof. Dr. Pravoslava Guguchkova, Laboratory Medicine with head Acad. Prof. Dr. Dobrin Svinarov, History of Medicine with Head Acad. Prof. Dr. Miladin Apostolov, Public Health and Health Management with head Acad Dr. Prof. Vesselin Borissov.


National Conference "National Problems of Nutrition and Obesity", March, 2016, Sofia, Chairman:Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sv. Handjiev
Conference "Problems of toxicology" - April 9, 2016, Plovdiv, Chairman Acad. Prof. Dr. Hr. Dishovski
Round Table "Early Childhood Development - Reality and Perspectives", held in the Parliament's Health Committee, 2016 Acad. Prof. Dr. V. Pilosof is the initiator, organizer and moderator
National Forum: "Plovdiv toxicology model" - Acad. Prof. Dr. Hr. Dishovski
National lecture - School of Health "Nutrition and Obesity at School Age", under European Project, Albena, Sept. 2016 organizer and lecturer Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sv. Handjiev
18.02.2016 Symposium on "Novelties in epilepsy therapy". Moderator - Acad. N. Boyadzhieva, Lecturer - Dr. Evgeniy Haritov - Ch. Assistant at the MD, observer member of BASA, who presented the novels in two lectures:
- Ketogenic diet recommended for babies and children with epilepsy and rescue for people with anti-epileptic drug resistance
- Role of micro RNA in the pathogenesis of epilepsy and mechanism of action of antiepileptic drugs.
05.02.2016 – Symposium on "Transplantation of beta-endorphin neurons from stem cells in the treatment of various diseases" Plenary lecture by Acad. N. Boyadjieva, who introduced the audience with her personal experience in the development of a method for the differentiation of beta-endorphin neuronal cells from stem cells by our teams and by the teams in the United States.
15.03.2016 "Tumor stem cells: "Target for future therapy" lecturer Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. J. Bocheva, Sofia.
29.03.2016 "Nanotechnology in Medicine" Lecturer: Acad. N. Boyadzhieva, Plovdiv.
12.04.2016 "Drug Therapy for Chronic Pain" Lecturer: Acad. V. Vlahov, Medical University, Sofia
26.04.2016 "Leptin and Thermoregulation" Lecturer: Acad. Kr. Yakimova, Plovdiv.
10.05.2016 "Prognostic and Predictive Factors in Colorectal Carcinoma" Acad. M. Kamenova, Medical University, Sofia.
14.06.2016 "Hormonal changes in prediadiabetus, Assoc. Prof. T. Handzhieva-Durlenska, Medical University, Sofia
18.10.2016 "Pathogenesis of Itching and Modern Approaches in its Therapy". Lecturer: Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. Georgeta Bocheva, Sofia.
11.11.2016 Symposium "Rational Nutrition and Prevention of Obesity" related to the International Day Against Obesity, organized by BASA and BASORD, chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetoslav Handzhiev
15.11.2016 „New directions in prophylaxis and treatment of obesity: the role of nutrition and psychology" Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetoslav Handzhiev, Sofia
29.11.2016 "Food additives: contemporary facts and importance in the prevention and treatment of diseases" Lecturer: Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Radev, Sofia.
13.12.2016 "Our Experience in Treatment of Wilson's Double Tumor" Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Iskra Hristozova, Sofia
16.12.2016 "Children with hyperactivity and distraction: novelty in pathogenesis, prophylaxis and treatment of the disease. Lecturer Acad. N. Boyadzhieva, Sofia.
21.12.2016 "Our Experience in the Treatment of Hepatoblastoma" Lecturer Acad. Iskra Hristozova, Sofia.
Spring competition for the best poem written by doctors and students, pre-clinical center of Medical University Sofia 21.04.2016.
Participation of Acad. Pravoslava Guguchkova at the Ninth International Symposium, "National Academy "Glaucoma: „Suprachioid vascular viscosity in glaucoma" April 23, 2016, Sofia
Participation of Corresp. Member Prof. Dr. L. Katrova in 2 international conferences.


The program started at the end of 2015 With leading Academician N.Boyadjieva and conducting several shows with the participation of Acad.Gr.Velev, Acad.E.Tytyanova and Acad.M.Kamenova. It continued on a regular basis and in 2016 reached a high reyting. The participating academy members, mostly from the Scientific Institute "Internal Diseases" are listed:
29.01.2016 - Acad. Margarita Kamenova
01.04.2016 – Corresp. member Theodora Handjieva-Dirlenska
09.04.2016 - Corresp. member Member Georgeta Bocheva
16.04.2016 - Acad. Janet Grudeva-Popova
23.04.2016 - Acad. Vitan Vlahov
30.04.2016 - Corresp. member Dr. R. Radev
13.05.2016 - Acad.Iskra Hristozova
27.05.2016 – Acad. Iskra Madzhdrakova
08.06.2016 – Acad. B. Lozanov
22.06.2016 - Acad. Kr. Yakimova
05.10.2016 - Acad. Svinarov
19.10.2016 – Acad. R. Argirova
09.11.2016 – Acad. E. Tityanova
23.11.2016 - Acad. B. Lozanov
Unrealized 4 planned conferences - Acad. Nikola Vladov for transplants in Bulgaria, Acad. Lachezar Lazarov - "Multiple Pregnancy and Childbirth" - Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. Andrei Andreev,
Acad. Veselin Borisov - "Priorities and pseudo-priorities in healthcare".


Postgraduate training (PGT)
In 2016 programs were developed for five courses within the Scientific Academic Training Center /SATC/, of which were conducted two courses - a pathology cycle "Biopsy diagnosis of tumors" for doctors pathologists and specialists organized by Acad. M. Kamenova and one under European program for specialists in public care, organized by Acad. Dr. Stoyanov. These two courses provided over BGN 4 000 income to the Academy. Unrealized are three training courses: "Diagnosis and new drug products for the treatment of glaucoma", Physiotherapy Course and "Approaches to Personalizing Pharmacotherapy in Clinical Practice".
Acad. Prof. Dr. Stoyanov participated as a lecturer at the International Congress of Students Researchers with co-organizers BASA, Medical University Sofia and Medical University Plovdiv.

Scientific seminars
SC "Medicine" organizes a scientific seminar for the training of PhD students and students on the topic "Novices in Endocrinology", 2016 Moderators Acad. M. Orbetsova and Acad. Prof. Davidova.
Second Workshop of the Scientific and Educational School for Doctoral Students, Postgraduates, Doctors and Researchers on the subject: "Experimental Medicine - Contemporary Methods and Approaches in Scientific Research", Medical University Sofia 11.04.2016. Lecturers Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miroslava Varadinova, Member Observer Dr. Evg. Haritov and Dr. Milen Hristov, Lecture /Acad. Dr. Stoyanov/ Joint Event of BASA and the Association of Young Researchers at BASA, 2016.
Debut of "Small Toxicology University" Plovdiv 2016 - Joint event of the Toxicology Section of BASA, University Hospital "St. George" EAD - Plovdiv and Medical University - Plovdiv
Elaborated "Toxicology Program" - PGT and standpoint on the training of medical students in toxicology at the Higher Medical Schools - Acad. Dishovski
There is a great deal of teaching outside the SATC program - many of the scientific forums are included in training, but they are bases on individual programs and are outside the business of the academy. Information on this curriculum is not submitted regularly with minor exceptions and we can not report it.


European Projects 2013 - 2018
European project under the Seventh Framework Program won in 2013 with coordinators Acad. Boyadjieva and Assoc. Prof. Handjiev PREVIEW project.
European project SOCRATES. Coordinator for Bulgaria on an international project Acad. Titanova 2014 - 2016
European Project "EuroHyp", Seventh Framework Program of the EU, Coordinator for Bulgaria on the international project EUROHYP Acad. Tityanova 2013 – 2018
International Project "Ultrasound Technology - Challenges for Young Medical Practitioners" - under the Youth in Action Program of the European Commission /BG-13/A3.1./225/R2/ - for Bulgaria Acad. Е. Tityanova
Development and validation of LC-MS/MS method for the determination of carbamazepine in human plasma, COMAC MEDICAL – Аcad. Svinarov
NATO Project EAP.SFPP 984082 "Esterase Status for Diagnostics of OPC Intoxication", NATO International Project (SfP) with participants Bulgaria (MMA) and Russia (Russian Academy of Sciences and Moscow State University Lomonosov), 2012-2015. Co-Chief and Coordinator on behalf of NATO, Head of the Bulgarian Team – Acad. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hr. Dishovski.
EC, 7 Framework Program, IF REACT "Improved First Responder Ensembles Against CBRN Terrorism ( (Acad. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hr. Dishovski Member of the Scientific Advisory Board) (

Acad. N. Ananoshtev. Project under the Operational Program "Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2014-2020" of the European Regional Development Fund.

Scientific projects funded by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, Research Fund.

Acad. Prof. Dr. M. Murdjeva
"Autism and specific disorder of speech"
Acad. Prof. Dr. Getova: "Synthesis of new fluorenyl spirohydantoins and their metal complexes in search of more selective anti-tumor agents"; "Creating an algorithm for multiparameter fluorotrophic tracing of minimal residual disease in children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)"
Acad. Janet Grudeva: participates in three projects funded by universities: "Clinical, hormonal and metabolic characterization of thyroid carcinoma", "Tissue factor as a biological predictive marker in the evaluation of thrombotic risk and metastatic potential with malignancies", "Pilot Personalized Transcriptional and Mutational Analysis of Colorectal carcinoma (CRC)"
Academic celebration on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of Academician M. Apostolov,
Sept., 2016 BRC - with a speech by the jubilee and documentary-essayistic presentation of his work by Acad. V. Borisov

Director: Acad. Prof. Dr. Grigor Velev
The Center consists of 3 institutes / BULGARIAN NATIONAL DOCTRINE, NATIONAL SECURITY OF BULGARIA, BALKAN STUDIES/, In which strategic issues are being developed, such as the updating of the Bulgarian national doctrine, the issues of national security in Bulgaria and the complex historical and contemporary relations of the Balkan countries. Particular attention has been paid recently to national security and strategy development in attempts to breach it. Two conferences have been held in this field and new forums are to be organized.
In 2016 the Balkan Studies Science Institute with Director Acad. Stoian Raychevski and Scientific Secretary: Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. Stoyan Tanev "is active through co-organizing and participating in the Bulgarian Historical Forum and participating in conferences;
Acad. Raichevski has published many books and publications.
Co-organizers with participation in scientific reports at the conference "Rhodope Mountain - Land of People, Gods and Temples" 12-13.10.2016 in Velingrad.
Co-organizers at a conference on "Ethnic affiliation of the Pomaks of Thrace - Multidisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Approach" 17-19 March 2016 in Komotini Greece.

3. SCIENTIFIC CENTER "Bulgarian studies" with director: Acad. Yordan Kamenov (since 2015)
The Center has two scientific institutes.
The Bulgarian Language and Literature Institute develops in three directions - creation of fiction and poetry, literary criticism and popularization of Bulgarian literature and speech. The value of the deeds effected is determined by the activity of its members Rumen Leonidov, Acad. Yordan Kamenov, Acad. Dragomir Shopov, Acad. Galina Zlatareva, Acad. M. Kadiev, Acad. Dr. Iv. Deneva and others.
The Institute achieved great integration between the artistic speech and its artistic reproduction by performing artistic performances accompanied by an essayist analysis of the presented works. The performances are a joint event with the Academic Theater of Bulgarian Speech.
Scientific Section "Academic Bulgarian Literature Forum" headed by Academician Marin Kadiev; exhibits high activity and creativity in promoting Bulgarian fiction and poetry in the country and among Bulgarian diaspora abroad.
Scientific section "Academic evening of contemporary Bulgarian poetry" - Acad. Dragomir Shopov; Acad. Rumen Leonidov received the poetry award "Nikola Furnadzhiev", 2016; Anna-Maria Gyuzeleva, in the "Peroto" (The Pen) 2016; Coreresp. member Doncho Nanov Donchev-Garbov - participates in the National Contest for Poetry "Usin Kerim" in Chepelare in 2016, where he is among the nominated authors.
The envisaged co-operation with the National Literary Museum did not take place.

SI "Bulgarian History" works in two directions: organizing a Bulgarian Historical Forum, which operates regularly and works together with the Center for Balkan Studies and publishing activities. The issue of a multi-volume History of Bulgaria continues with editor Plamen Pavlov and the multi-volume edition of Acad. Velev "History of the Bulgarians in Macedonia". In 2016, forum events have declined sharply, and there are objective reasons for this. The center needs to attract new members, especially in linguistics and history.
Optimization of the structural units in the center is forthcoming.
Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. St. Tanev organized a Round Table dedicated to the April uprising, which was attended by prominent Bulgarian historians from the university circles - Prof. Plamen Mitev /Sofia University/ and Prof. Ivan Stoyanov /University of Veliko Turnovo/ April, 2016, Sofia.

Planned 3 scientific conferences through the institutes of the center, 2 unrealized.
In 2016, in its structure there are 4 institutes: Soil Science, Agronomy, Livestock and Veterinary Medicine.
A Scientific Practical Conference "State and Problems of Viticulture and Wine Production in Bulgaria after 1990" was held in June, 2016. Sofia, chaired by Prof. Dr. Slavcho Pandeliev

Director: Acad. Prof. Dr. Georgi Marinov
The Center has two scientific institutes: "NATIONAL AND GLOBAL ECONOMIC RESEARCH" and "STUDY OF NATIONAL ECONOMY" with 12 members. The scientific events include conferences and the organization of a Bulgarian Economic Forum with the President Acad. Georgi Marinov. The last conference attracted renowned economic experts in our country and is promising for a greater presence of academic economists - members of BASA in the economic development of the country. It is necessary to accept new members, to ensure the regular publication of the magazine "Bulgarian Economic Review" with editor-in-chief Acad. G. Marinov and stimulation of the educational activity. More can be done for systematic examination of acute economic problems in the Economic Forum and activation of the new members in the economic branch.

Scientific events:
Conference (co-organizer) "China - The Reviving Giant" (February 2016), Chairman Acad. Dr. Georgi Marinov
Conference (together with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry): "Bulgaria in the New Geopolitical and Geo-Economic Realities" (April 15, 2016), Co-Chairman Acad. G. Marinov
Conference "Jubilee Session and 100 Years Eurasian Movement" (October 2016), Chairman Acad. G. Marinov
Conference "National Concept for Radical Reforms in Bulgaria" (October 21, 2016) Chairman Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Boris Mikhailov
Forum "National Security Issues" (March 2016), Chairperson Acad. G. Marinov
Participated in organizing a "Bulgarian-Macedonian Business" forum in Skopje (not held)

Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. B. Manov is working on a project of SWU "Virtual and imaginary". Participates in conferences held by the Science Center.
Assoc. Prof. B. Mihaylov has published a brochure: "National Concept for Radical Reforms in Bulgaria". Participates in conferences prepared by NC "Economics. He offered a course with two curricula - not implemented.

Director: Acad. Prof. Dr. Krum Krumov /since 2014/
There are 5 institutes in the Center, among which two SI Psychology and SI Demographics, working systematically and actively. In 2016 was held the next international conference – Problems of organizational management and human resource management; "The Castle" in the village of Ravadinovo, June 2016. The conference is organized by BASA, the European Center for Business, Education and Science and the International Conference Center for Science and Art "The Castle" with the publication of a collection.

The demographic institute has many analytical developments and journalism carried out by its head Acad. Petar Ivanov.

The other three institutes (Sociology, Philosophy and Theology) have low activity but also a lack of members, except their leaders.

The planned conferences in the SI Sociology - "The Social Context of the Health Reforms in Bulgaria" and "On the Issues of Sociology", in SI Demography - "Demographic Problems of the Bulgarian Nation", "Exploration of the Ethnic Structure of the Bulgarian Nation" had not been held for objective reasons. The planned conferences "Contemporary Problems of Philosophical Thought" and "The Problem of the Study of Religion in the Bulgarian Schools had not been held also.

Director: Acad. Prof. Dr. Maria Slavova /since 2014/
There are two institutes in the center: "Legal Sciences" and "Legal Protection". Great hopes are expected from the team of lawyers to defend the Academy's rights, granting state subsidies and other legally substantiated proposals, but so far no particular progress has been made. The work of the Center focuses mainly on its director - Acad. M. Slavova, who showed significant activity/changes to the Statute, registration for the public benefit of the association, proposed a working plan with a wide range of action - regular legal forums, magazine, plans for educational courses, etc.

Bulgarian Legal Forum - scheduled monthly meetings. Conducted Discussion Round Table on "Judicial Reform, Here and Now" on April 19, 2016 Moderators: Acad. M. Slavova, Corresp. member M. Markovski, Sofia, BRC.
Magazine "Legal Review" - Chief Editor: Acad. Prof. Maria Slavova - has been regularly published since 2017.
Scientific Institute of Legal Protection with Directo Corresp. Member Marin Markovski (since 2015)
No scientific events are recorded in 2016.
Planned and Unrealized Round Table - "Legal Protection and its Place in Judicial Reform"
Proposal for National Conferences "Higher Education and Intellectual Property" and "Moral Standards and Legal Protection"/Corresp. member Prof.Dr. L. Katrova.

Director: Acad. Prof. Boyko Rangelov
There are 4 institutes in the Center, of which SI "Earth and Space Sciences" actively operates with high individual scientific output by its leader Acad. Boyko Rangelov /for three years 56 publications, multiple participations in TV shows, participations in national and international conferences/ and publishing activities of Assoc. Prof. R. Glavcheva. The newly established in 2016 three institutes /SI "Ecology" with director Acad. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Kozarev, SI "Reliability and risk analyzes, forecasts and design" with director Acad. Prof. Nikolay Petrov and SI "Innovations" have ambitious plans for scientific and teaching activity. The publishing of a scientific and technical magazine started with the editor-in-chief Acad. N. Petrov included in the publishing activity of BASA /one issue is already a fact/.
Corresp. member Dr. Mitko Dimitrov is also working for the center. His work on the pathophysiology of photosynthesis contains an original contribution with the rank of an innovative hypothesis to study this fundamental process necessary for the life of the planet.
Planned conference: "Ecological problems of Bulgaria" and program for training course - not conducted Acad. N. Petrov is editor-in-chief of a scientific journal, which will be published jointly with BASA. He has presented a plan for five scientific laboratories, whose activity has not yet been announced.
"Techno-Economic Systems and Innovations" with Director - Acad. Nikolay Ivanov Petrov;
"Socio-Economic Systems and Philosophy" with Director Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nikolay Atanasov;
"Chemical-physical analyzes and ecology" Director Corresp. member Dr. Krassimira Stancheva, BU;
„Production Technologies and Engineering Studies with director - Observer member Dr. V. Dimitrov - Technical University of Sofia;
"Information Laboratory" with director - Observer member Dr. Stancho Pavlov - Univ. "Asen Zlatarov", Burgas

SI "INNOVATIONS" /since 2016/ with director Corresp. member Prof. Dr. Georgi Lambadjiev.
The Institute was officially opened on October 12, 2016.
In the presented concept, the institute is an organization of innovators and experts aimed at searching for solutions of technological, technical, management, methodological problems, improvement or synthesis of new psychotechnics or technologies for stimulation of personal creativity, theoretical modeling of creative processes and their computer stimulation, synthesis of new solutions and paradigms in interdisciplinary fields. The Institute for Innovation is a prototype for forming a national network of problem solving generators.
The forms of problem solving are: know-how, patent, rationalization, algorithm, software product and others. So far, 14 seminars have been held on the Institute's program.

Director: Acad. Prof. Dr. Arch. Nikolay Tuleshkov
The Center has two institutes: "ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND URBAN PLANNING" (SIACUP) with Director: Acad. Tuleshkov and Scientific Secretary: Acad. Prof. Dr. Ing. Dontcho Partovi and SI "DESIGN "(SID) with Dir. Acad. Prof. Dr. Sasho Draganov
The SC started with development of an adequate structure and a serious plan-program for research that began to be realized. The Center consists of several academics but relies on attracting young specialists and collaborating with foreign organizations.
SIACUP implemented its first major scientific event a few months after the Institute's opening - organized an International Scientific Conference on „Problems of research, conservation and socialization of immovable cultural heritage", November, 2016, Sofia, with the participation of foreign estrane scientists from over 20 countries with issuance of collection of reports.
• Publishes the magazine "Monuments, Restoration, Museums", a joint edition of the SIACUP of BASA and AI "ARCH & ART".
There is a framework contract for joint research activities with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics - Germany.
• SC members have a high level of individual activity with participation in international scientific conferences and other forums.
• SC foresees the formation of specialized scientific sectors with attracting young researchers to strengthen them.
• SC foresees for the conclusion of contracts with external contributors to provide the necessary funding for implementation of the program.
• Works on a conceptual design for a memorial center.
• He conducts consultations and expertise in the field of design and construction.

SID also held International scientific conference on "Problems of copyright in the registration, protection and ways of contracting and transfer of intellectual property in the design of serial products, and in the field of higher education" - Akad. Sasho Draganov
• Collaboration with SID on the proposal for a new copyright law.
• Issuance of publications in electronic web magazine "Art Dialogue" with the participation of professional guild organizations; IZA-АRT for management and protection of copyright in the field of visual arts and the National Association for Design and Advertising.
• There is a framework contract for collaborative work on scientific programs with international copyright organizations; IFFRO; ADAGP (Societe des Auteurs Dans les Arts Graphiques et Plastiques); VISARTA – Romania; UFI- the Global Association oe the Exhibition Industry.
• It foresees the formation of specialized R&D sectors as follows:
- Industrial Design - Household Products and Production Facilities
- Design of advertising products, applied graphics and WEB design
- Design of clothing and accessories
- Design of living environment
- Design of stage components
- Design of play tools
- Kanese Design
• Involving prominent and young scientists to strengthen and develop the institute and its individual sectors. There is no information so far on the work of the development sectors and there are no newcomers in the center.

10. SCIENTIFIC CENTER "EDUCATION, NATIONAL, CIVIL AND RELIGIOUS EDUCATION" with director Acad. Boyan Lalov with two scientific institutes: SI "Education" and SI "National Civil and Religious Education".
A forum was held on the subject: National, civil and religious education of the Bulgarian school youth in the Ovalna Hall of the Bulgarian Red Cross, January, 2016. Moderator: Acad. M. Kamenova. Lecturers: Acad. Gr. Velev, Corresp. member Yanka Takeva, priest Veselin Arnaudov. Compared to previous years, the center's activity has dropped significantly.

1. CREATIVE CENTER „Theatrical, circus and cinema"
The Center has three institutes, among which the creative institution "Theater Art" has a strong presence in the cultural life of the capital and the country. Its activity is closely intertwined with that of the Center for Bulgarian Studies with director Akad.Y.Kamenov, under whose leadership and scenarios there is a program, targeted at strengthening the Bulgarian artistic speech. Its strongest events are the regular musical-literary performances.
It is also worth mentioning the active artistic and charity work of Circus Balkanski, which became a collective member of BASA. Its director Acad. Balkanski is among the staunchest supporters of the ideas and mission of BASA.

The Academic Chamber Theater is actively involved in the CREATIVE INSTITUTE "THEATER ART". The mono spectacle "The sinful love of Zahari Zograf" has been played repeatedly in Sofia and the country from 2012 until 2016 by the artist L. Bachvarov.
The Academic Chamber Theater and The Academic Theater of the Bulgarian Speach unites its activity with the presentation of literary and musical evenings.
A series of jubilee monthly celebrations of great Bulgarian writers and distinguished statesmen were organized under the author's scripts by Academician Y. Kamenov. They are a synthesis of the essayistic interpretation of the work combined with artistic performance and musical accompaniment from the beloved Bulgarian music. The performances were attended by Corresp. member Lyubomir Bachvarov, Corresp. member B.Vulpe and other artists, Acad. V. Stamov performed the musical accompaniment.
• Jan. 2016 Performance dedicated to 160 years from the birth of Stoyan Mihaylovski
• 18.02.2016 90 years from the death of Petko Yordanov Todorov
• 22.03.2016 Miron Ivanov - 85 years from his birth
• 14.04.2016 Dimitar Dimov, 50 years from his death.
• 12.05.2016 Performance for the 150th anniversary from the birth of Pencho Slaveykov
• 08.06.2016 Dedicated to 140 g from the death of Hristo Botev
• 19.09.2016 On the occasion of the 90th anniversary from the death of Dimcho Debelyanov
• 11.10.2016 The little known work of Dimitar Podvrazacov
• 08.11.2016 Evening, dedicated to 50 years from the death of Veselin Hanchev
• 13.12.2016 Performance on the occasion of 50 years from the death of Dimitar Talev
Presentation of works by Volga Bulgarians in Russian literature - Derzavin, Karamzin, Pushkin, Gogol, Tolstoy, Turgenev, Anna Ahmatova, M. Bulgakov, Iv. Bunin and others. It could not happen in 2016.

1.2. CREATIVE INSTITUTE "Circus Art" Director: Acad. Balkanski
In 2016 the Bulgarian circus "Balkanski" became a collective member of BASA. During this period, about 3000 children, adults and disabled from 70 homes benefited of the traditional charity activity of the circus, for which the circus received numerous thanks letters.
A significant success of the circus directorate is the permission of Sofia Municipality to create a circular playground for the footwear of "Balkan Entetramant" OOD in Zona B 5 park. Since then a number of performances have been held including the solemn celebration in 2017 of the 120th anniversary of the Bulgarian Circus art.

Director: Acad. Prof. Emil Yanev
The creative center is among the active structures of BASA with a variety of concerts and music-enlightenment activities. It consists of 4 institutes, among which the "Classical Music" and "Dance" institutes show a remarkable program and engagement of their members in the cultural life of Bulgaria. During the period, 20 concerts were held, some of them in Bulgaria Hall, Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture, Varna Sports Complex, Sofia Hall in the capital, Musical Academy in Plovdiv and others. Acad. Kurtev has a number of individual concerts and organizes concerts in Sofia and Kyustendil under the auspices of BASA. An extremely active activity for popularizing Bulgarian music was presented by Acad. Emil Yanev. He made a number of written proposals to the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Culture and other institutes for restoring Bulgaria's membership in international music societies, for the establishing the state Institute Bulgarian Glory to support choir singing, to the Ministry of Education and Science, to the UBJ for improving the qualification and public awareness of music issues. Acad. Emil Yanev published a book "Reflections on Problems" and systematically presented articles for „The whole of Bulgaria" /applied individual program/. The Institute of Dance is represented by the bright presence of two famous Bulgarian ballet dancers Acad. Koldamova and Acad.Bogoeva, which continue their creativity and talent through their numerous students.

Academician Emil Yanev is a member of the Academic Council and organizer of many musical events. The Institute has four sections: Academic Opera Group, Wind Quintet, Piano Concerts, Academic Choir "Gusla".
The creative activities of the center include:
• 2016 Anniversary celebration of the great Bulgarian violinist Vasko Abadzhiev in Music School
• 2016 two concerts of Gusla choir in Sofia Hall with conductor V. Bobevski: "To Bulgaria with love and gratitude", January 2016 and "The Oblivion of Bulgarian Male Voices", June 2016.
• Celebration of the Enlighteners day at the Krasno Selo lyceum with the participation of the Choir Gusla under the conducting of Acad. V. Bobevski, Acad. J.Kamenov and the piano performance of V. Stamov, November 1, 2016.
Almanac was published with a photo album of the TC members by Acad. S.Lazarov and Acad. Al. Abadzhiev
Regular performance of Bulgarian and foreign opera music began in the CITY MARK ART CENTER, organized by Acad. Al. Abadzhiev.
• The newly accredited Acad. Yordan Kamdjalov presented his Contemporary Music Concept in "Square 500" and performed a magnificent concert in Bulgaria Hall on Nov. 07, 2016.
• Conducting the 15th International Festival "The Universe of Computer Music", organized by Acad. Prof. Dr. Simo Lazarov. The festival, which started as a national in 1989, became one of the founders of the international forum, along with the association of avant-garde ideas KYMA - Atlanta, USA and Synthi AVB - Tel Aviv, Israel. The festival is held simultaneously in Sofia and Atlanta and the Bulgarian advanced methodology for teaching modern music received its recognition and support at world forums.
• On February 21st, 2016 ceremonial concert was held in the auditorium of the National School of Music and Dance Art "Dobrin Petkov" - Plovdiv on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founder of the Plovdiv Professional Waldorf School Acad. Prof. Stoyan Karaivanov.
• Corresp. member Kiril Lambov performed a concert in Azerbaijan on the occasion of the national holiday "Novruz" - meaning First Spring; Participated in the organization and realization of the competition for young opera singers "Rose of Esperta" in Karlovo and composed the opera "Rider the fox" on the libretto of Veronik Steno.

"Unforgettable Bulgarian Songs" - planned 2 live shows in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in 2016 - not conducted
In 2016 Philip Kutev ensemble with director of BASA Acad. L. Kuteva presented a remarkable concert in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture.
On 18.06.2016 Acad. Krasimira Koldamova returned to the stage of the Sofia Opera through her students with Ballet Gala Evening on the occasion of her 40 years of pedagogical activity and a fourth century ballet studio "Krasimira Koldamova". Our big ballerina was awarded by State Prize and medal "Peter Beron" of BASA.

Director – Acad. Prof. Dr. Ivan Gazdov
Among the artists academicians and corresponding members of BASA are the names of leading artists in this field such as Acad. Nikola Manev, Acad. Simeon Spiridonov, Acad. Mihail Lalov, Acad. Ivan Gazdov and others. Each of them has made exibitions in our country impressive by their variety of colors and styles: Acad. Manov makes annual exhibitions in Sofia and the country. Acad. Gazdov also has 3 solo exhibitions in the gallery "Revival" in Plovdiv presented an exhibition "Graphicatures in the Art Gallery" Iliya Beshkov" in Pleven, in Sofia. The Bulgarian sculptor acad. Prof. Bogomil Nikolov has produced the International Nikola Giuzelev Award for Opera and Performing Arts at the initiative of Nikola Giuzelev Foundation.
A project has been prepared by Corresp. member Siromashki for the monument of Saint Prince Boris Mihail I. There is no complete information about the activity of artists and sculptures members of our Academy.

Director – Acad. Rumen Leonidov
In the center there are three institutes - CI "Poetry", CI "Belles letters" and CI "Literary critique". Most of their activities overlap with that of the "Bulgarian Studies" and "Theatrical Art" institutes. The presence of such artists in the field of poetry such as Acad. Rumen Leonidov and Acad. Dragomir Shopov and writers such as Acad. G. Zlatareva and Acad. Iv. Deneva contribute to the prestige of this center and respectively of BASA. The apostolic activity of Acad. M. Kadiev /150 presentations of Bulgarian literature in the country and abroad for a year!/ can serve as an example of dedication to a certain cause. There are not enough initiatives to attract contemporary poets and writers for a permanent rubric "Bulgarian Literature Forum". Literary criticism is embedded in the analysis of the work of our writers and in the presentation of some books /Y. Kamenov, M. Kadiev/. In this field the structural units will be optimized to match the functions they perform.

Acad. R. Leonidov, a well-known Bulgarian poet, prominent publicist and public figure, received the award in the name of "Nicola Furnadjiev", 2016.

Creator and host of the radio talk show "Sabotage", which is broadcasted every Saturday on the National radio, the first program.
Author of journalistic articles in the newspaper "Life today", through which the activities of BASA are announced. He maintains a permanent rubric with interviews with Acad. Velev on historical and contemporary issues.
Acad. M. Kadiev published two books in 2016: "Rise without Fall" and "Words for Famous and Unknown Writers and Books", which is part of multimodal literary work.
Acad. Marin Kadiyev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Literature Forum at BASA, presented for a short time as a member of BASA numerous presentations of contemporary Bulgarian authors and books all over the country, among which: In Sofia, in the Slavic Society - a speech for the Bulgarian poets on the occasion of Poetry Day, presentation of creative portrait and book by Lily Nikol, presentation of the book by Acad. Galina Zlatareva "The Medallion"; In Plovdiv - poetry collections of Hovänes Mikaelian, by Yordan Peev, Vaska Mincheva, Beta Naur, a book by Prof. D. Gribachev, a speech for Al.Marinov, a speech for the National enlighteners, a speech for the writer Georgi Markov-Jerry; In Koprivshtitsa the book of Acad. Ivan Radev "D. Debelyanov - doomed to early death and eternal life "; In Sevlievo - creative portrait of the writer Krum Tabakov; in Haskovo - creative portrait of the writer Ivan Marinov and presentation of the books of Madlena Mancheva and Ivan Marinov; in Silistra the books of Petar Kanev "Alfatar and his graduates before 9.09.1944" and "The Bulgarian beloved of Lev Tolstoy" and many other presentations in many cities of the country.
Acad. Ivanka Deneva is among the active members of the center, which promotes passionately Bulgarian literature at home and abroad. She has held many meetings with her fellow citizens from Sliven and especially with the "Buditel" club for the Bulgarian values, highlighted in the works of Bulgarian writers. She published a collection of plays "The Enigma of Time".
Anna Maria Gyuzeleva and the represented by her Artemisia Association for Bulgarian-Italian Art and Culture organizes various cultural events in cooperation with BASA and its members. The Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Rome together with the Association of European Cultural Institutes presented as Bulgarian author Anna-Maria Gyuzeleva and her last author's poetry book on the occasion of the World Day of Poetry UNESCO /March 2016/. On 18.04.2016 in Literary Club ''The Pen'' in the the National Palace of Culture, Sofia, was presented the new poetry collection of the actress and Corresp. member Anna-Maria Gyuzeleva "A soul knows" of the publishing house "Bulgarian writer", dedicated also to the memory of Nikola Gyuzelev, enriched with his paintings, with the music accompaniment of Acad. Valentin Stamov.

Director: Acad. Prof. Dr. Petko Todorov, by the end of 2016 Acad. Prof. Dr. Lilia Raicheva

The Department consists of a Science Center, the Association of Bulgarians in the World and the World Parliament of the Bulgarians.
THE SCIENTIFIC CENTER is working on a program plan proposed by Acad. Petko Todorov. A Bulgarian Journalism Forum was organized since 2015, whose activity dropped significantly in 2016 due to the personal problems of its director. In 2016 the following forums were held: "130th Anniversary of Prof. Assen Zlatarov's Birth" with Presentations by Acad. Petko Todorov and Corresp. member Sv. Handjiev, "April Uprising in our history", with organizer corresponding member Assoc. Prof. Stefan Tanev, lecturers: Prof. Plamen Mitev, from Sofia University, Prof. Ivan Stoyanov from University of Veliko Turnovo.
The planned forums: "The fate of the Bulgarians in Macedonia, Greece, Albania and Romania" , "The Genocide on the Bulgarians in 1913 in Eastern Thrace" did not take place in 2016.

In 2016, the burden of public events fell mainly on the journalism institute, with director Acad. Stamov, who expanded his activities through partnership with other public associations working for the cultural, spiritual and historical enlightenment of our people. In these affiliate forums Acad. V. Stamov impresses with his extensive culture and knowledge of the ancient history of Bulgaria, unknown to us.
BASA needs more active activity of journalists members of BASA in the direction of raising the authority of the academy through more pronounced positions in its support and disclosure of its activities.

The Association of the Bulgarians in the World (ABW) and the World Parliament of the Bulgarians (WPB) were founded in 2008 at the initiative of the Chairman of the Academy Acad. Grigor Velev as structures of the Academy.
ABW is with Honorary Chairman Acad. Prof. Dr. Gr. Velev and Chairman Honorary Member of BASA Kiril Yordanov. It unites Bulgarian organizations from 34 countries and meets once every 5 years.
World Parliament of Bulgarians chaired by Acad. Prof. Dr. Plamen Pavlov and deputy Chairman Corresp. member Colonel K. Kostadinov is held annually on 1 November.
In 2016, the 7th regular session of the WPB was held on 15 and 16 October for holding presidential elections. Each session publishes a White Paper on its decisions.

BASA issues the following periodicals:
• "Bulgarian Medicine", The journal is published in 4 English books every year. Editor: Acad. F. Kumanov, ch. Secretary - Acad. Dr. Stoyanov. The magazine is included in the Copernicus International Journals Master List and has a high index /ICV/ - 76.45 at the standard value 7.35 /of Thompson Reuters for scientific content and bibliographical indexes. Thus it became the leader in the current ranking of periodical medical journals and second in all scientific journals in Bulgaria. In 2016, due to financial difficulties, the regular printing of the magazine could not take place, but this year has recovered.
• „Bulgarian Legal Review"- Editor-in-Chief: Acad. M. Slavova, scheduled for 2016 and its regular printing has already begun
• „Bulgarian Legal Review "- Editor-in-Chief: Acad. M. Slavova, scheduled for 2016 and has already begun its regular printing
• "Bulgarian Economic Review", editor-in-chief: Acad. G. Marinov
• "Bulgarian Architecture and Construction",since October, 2014 - Editor-in-Chief: Acad. N. Tuleshkov
• Issuance of 2 books of the magazine "Monuments, Restoration, Museums", joint edition of SIACUP of BASA and SI "ARCH & ART".
• Publishing of electronic newspapers: "The whole of Bulgaria" (2010) and "Voice of the Bulgarians in Macedonia" (since 2014)
• Magazine "Science, Education and Culture" - Editor-in-Chief Acad. N. Petrov, BASA 2016
• Magazine Chronicles of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts - planned for the end of 2016. The first book, 2017 is already in an electronic version.
During the year many scientific books of historical and social themes, textbooks and artistic literature were published. The full list of printed publications will be published in a catalog.

Media coverage of the activities of BASA
Regularly go online newspapers "The whole of Bulgaria" and "Voice of the Bulgarians in Macedonia"
All major events, scientific forums and cultural events organized by the Academy were published in the newspaper "The whole of Bulgaria" and found their way in many television, electronic and print media, some of them accompanied by press conferences. In the last few months, system uploads of the site have been restored and their translation has started in English.
In the newspaper "Life today", there are series of interviews of acad. Leonidor with acad. Velev on academic topics, the national cause of the Bulgarians, the complicated relations in the Balkans and, in particular, the fate of the Bulgarians in Macedonia and the Western Outlands. It is often written commentary on the questions in Bulgaria in the newspaper " The whole of Bulgaria" and "Life today" by members of our academy, etc.
Television broadcast "Cardiogram", which is held regularly every Saturday in TV "Eurocom" with organizer Acad. N. Boyadzhieva and participation of many members of the Academy from SI "Medicine".
Acad. Prof. Dr. Plamen Pavlov and Acad. Stefan Raychinov lead a regular rubric in TV "SCAT" dedicated to Bulgaria, the Balkans, their history and problematic modernity. Its frequent guests are Acad. Velev and Acad. R. Leonidov.
Great success is self-section of Acad. Leonidov "Sabotage", which is held every Saturday on National Radio.
Members of BASA realize currently socio-political, historical, medical, cultural and educational topics on television, radio and print articles in periodicals.

Ophthalmology Clinic "Vision" with head: Acad. Pr. Guguchkova, since 2014
Ophthalmic clinic "Day" headed by Corresp. member Assoc. Prof. Аndreev, since 2016
Bulgarian Circus Balkanski, headed by Acad. Balkanski, since 2016

1. Branch Blagoevgrad - Branch's work is concentrated in the field of economy.
2. Branch Varna - Focuses on medical research and is involved in forms of Civil Society and Statehood - ABW and the World Parliament of Bulgarians
3. Branch Gabrovo - Mostly public activity of regional significance.
4. Branch Pleven - After the initial enthusiasm and activity in the medical field there is now a decrease in the interest and in the work of the branch.
5. Branch Plovdiv - Active branch, headed by Acad. Pandeliev, who unites the development of activities from all departments of the Academy - science, art and civic initiatives. It has an independent life, but the members of the Plovdiv branch regularly participate in the general scientific and cultural events organized by BASA. Attached report on their activity for the reporting period.
6. Rousse Branch - attached report. The activity is mainly in the field of civil society and is related to the personal commitment of the chairman of the branch acad. Petar Ivanov, who is the leading expert and head of the Demographic Institute in Bulgaria.
7. Branch Skopje - a newly formed branch, which looks promising due to the large number of Bulgarians with Macedonian citizenship.
8. Branch Sliven - The branch has been created recently. There are two very active members - Acad. N. Petrov, who developed a structure within the framework of the general structure and associated BASA to the publishers of a scientific information magazine, and Acad. Ivanka Deneva - a writer who works in the field of Bulgarian culture and its popularization in the country and abroad. /Attached Activity Report/
9. Stara Zagora Branch - the main activity is related to veterinary medicine and livestock breeding.

FOUNDATION "Bulgarian glory", Chairman: Acad. Prof. Dr. Mladen Grigorov
Prepared project for a monument of St. Prince Boris I

The Academy marks a significant increase in its comprehensive overall activity in fundamental functions of the state such as research, development of authentic modern Bulgarian culture and civic initiatives.

BASA became an organization for public benefit. The Articles of Association and the Rules for its work are updated.
Following a collapse in management due to a lack of administrative capacity over a long period of time (about 8 months during the reporting period), a number of organizational improvements were made - updating the Members' Register, systematically documenting the activities online and their regular publishing, improving the site with translation into English and others.
The spectrum of scientific research was expanding with the activation of NC in economics, social sciences, engineering sciences/represented mainly by SC in architecture, construction and design. Institute of Innovation was established, which started regular meetings.
The activities of creative centers has been expanded and enriched especially in the field of literary and classical musical art.
The Civil Society and Statehood Department has stabilized its activities, in particular the Institute of Journalism with a permanent tendency to unite its activities with other cultural institutions.
Specific steps have been taken to introduce an integrated approach to the scientific events of the individual centers and institutes.
There is an increased presence of BASA members in the media with active journalism focused on important issues of the society and the state in the spheres of national security, economy, demographic collapse, the state of the Bulgarian diaspora, health, foreign policy and culture.
The massive activity is carried out by highly responsible Bulgarians who have recognized personal achievements in the development of different sectors of society, and make their contribution free of charge to the fulfillment of the mission of BASA to serve the Fatherland.

In 2016, there was a slight slowdown in the pace of work for which there were objective reasons related to a breach of administrative functions, but some chronic failures were not overcome.
• Not all scientific and creative centers have a good pace of work, which requires finding ways to stimulate their activity or to restructure them
• Some centers have severe staff shortages, which necessitates a selective aproach of new observer members. This will result in a balanced ratio between their number and that of academicians and corresponding members.
• Some of the leadership initiatives related to increasing the authority and prestige of the Academy are not supported by all of its members. For example, the requested information was not submitted to produce a member's almanac, a catalog of books and publications, individual scientific and creative events. The presence of academic members in the held scientific forums, concerts and literary and musical performances is insufficient, and this is a form of proof of the commitment of each member of BASA to the life of the Academy.
• All centers and institutes have insufficient training at the SATC, and this is a way for an extra income for the academy.
• Payment of membership fees becomes difficult with delays or in general refusal to pay.
• There is no activity and initiative of the members of BASA to support the funding through sponsorship and donations of the academic events.
We must admit that the great work of the academy can not yet bring BASA to the necessary recognition and its widely and complete entering in the scientific and cultural life of the country in order the academic activity to reach the general public and above all - to the consciousness of the government which could make full use of the capacity of our human resources.
As early as this year, the Management has developed a program to activate all the resources of the academy to increase its popularity across the country and beyond.
The directors of the Centers will be approved and their rational restructuring will be needed wherever necessary. The Directors of the Centers should assume a great deal of responsibility in planning work, monitoring performance and its reporting.
We rely on the entire membership of the Academy for an active, volitional and strong presence in our scientific, cultural and social life for the promotion of Bulgarian creative abilities and the preservation of the Bulgarian national spirit in the interest of Bulgaria.


THE BULGARIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCES AND ARTS (BASA) is a national scientific and creative democratic institute, which aims:
1. To unite Bulgarian national elite in the fields of science, the arts and the civil society in favor of Bulgarian nation and state;
2. To organize scientific and cultural forums in which to present the achievements of Bulgarian science and art in our country and abroad;
3. To work for the spiritual unification of the Bulgarian nation and prosperity of the Bulgarian state.
The Academy has 430 members, including 232 scientists, 131 cultural figures and 19 activists of the civil society. In honorary degrees they are divided as follows:
• Academics - 175
• Corresponding members - 139
• Member observers - 68
• Honorary members - 10
• Foreign members - 38
The report on the work of BASA for the period 2012-2016 was made by combining two approaches - based on the structure, i.e. presentation of work in departments, institutes and sections, and based on summarized information on their activity. This approach achieves both general and detailed information about the activity.
It should be emphasized that the report presents the activities of its members, which are related directly to the program and the name of BASA. We could not report the individual results of the academic members - not because we did not recognize the enormous contribution of this activity, but due to the lack of information from their prevailing number. We want to thank those of our members who sent a detailed reports on their personal activity: acad. Zhanet Grudeva-Popova, acad. Iskra Hristozova, corresponding member Lydia Katrova, acad. Boyko Rangelov, acad. Petar Ivanov, acad. Stoyan Raychevski, acad. Ivanka Deneva, acad.Marin Kadiev, acad. Emil Yanev, acad.Valentin Stamov, corresponding member Anna Maria Gyuzeleva.
The structure of the Academy is composed of three departments: Department of Science, Department of Arts and Department of Civil Society, which are composed of centers, institutes and sections.
The following activities are performed at the Academy:
1. Department "Science"
1.1. Organization of scientific conferences, symposia, round tables and forums
1.2. Educational activity
1.3. Developing projects
1.4. Scientific publications, monographs, congress activity doctoral programs, reviews and other manifestations of individual activity.
2. Department "Art"
2.1. Organization and participation in literary events - evenings of poetry, chamber theater, children's theater and more.
2.2. Organization and participation in concerts /choral, instrumental, classical, folk and pop music/ ballet performances, performances of circus
2.3. Exhibitions of painters and sculptures and further specific events
3. Department "Civil society and statehood"
3.1. Organizing forums and roundtables on important problems of society and the state
3.2. Conducting Councils of the Association of Bulgarians around the world and sessions of the World Parliament of the Bulgarians that are structures created by BASA.
4. Publishing - books, monographs, periodicals, online newspapers
5. Journalism and scientific, and educational programs in the media
6. International Events